About Triskele Books

Triskele Books is a writers’ collective of stories, places and times.

The spirals of our triskele logo represent the concept of our collective – authorial independence balanced by mutual support. Going it alone, together.

Triskele Books was formed in 2011, by Gillian Hamer, JJ Marsh and Liza Perrat – highly-acclaimed writers who share a passion for good stories. In 2012, two more authors joined the team, each with their own distinctive slant on time and place: JD Smith and Catriona Troth.

Gillian Hamer’s Gold Detective series is set around the North Welsh island of Anglesey. She also pens paranormal mysteries - chilling tales of sinister crimes along the Celtic coast.

JJ Marsh is the author of The Beatrice Stubbs series - international crimes set against striking backdrops ranging from Athens to Zurich.

Liza Perrat evokes rural France during the revolution, WWII and the Black Plague. All through the eyes of a family line – the midwife-healers of Lucie-sur-Vionne.

JD Smith recreates ancient worlds, from retelling a 6th century Celtic legend to 3rd century Syria, where the warrior queen of Palmyra takes on the might of the Roman Empire.

Catriona Troth is fascinated by stories of identity and dislocation – from a teenager discovering his roots in 1970s Canada to the tinderbox of racial tension in 1980s Coventry.

So what’s the connection?

Setting and atmosphere, culture and legend, history and landscape all combine to create the rich and satisfying experience of Triskele Books.

We want to take you on a journey.

We want to transport you to another place.

We want to tell you a story.

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